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October 30, 2016
The Canyon

Mission: Natural History Museum of Utah fires up natural world and also the host to humans there.


Natural History Museum of Utah opened up its doorways towards the public within the George Thomas Building in 1969. Since that time, collections happen to be moved in the University's academic departments and grown through good research, acquisition, and contributions to number greater than 1.5 million objects. The Museum has hard its position because the Condition museum of natural background and is promoting strong programs of exhibits and education, both on-site and state-wide. In November 2011, we opened up our new facility, the Rio Tinto Center, with entirely new exhibit art galleries, engaging programs for that public and condition-of-the-art collections care and research facilities. Only at that milestone within the Museum's wealthy history, we acknowledge that we're a piece-in-progress.


We attempt to:

  • Promote an awareness of science like a journey of discovery and question.
  • Promote the upkeep of biological and cultural diversity.
  • Preserve collections in trust for future decades.
  • Encourage new perspectives on and encourage desire for natural world.
  • Celebrate Utah's native peoples and cultures.
  • Showcase Utah's unique and remarkable conditions.
  • Create understanding through innovative research.
  • Demonstrate the myriad links hooking up yesteryear, present and future.
  • Transcend scientific discipline to show the systems natural in character.
  • Function as center for science literacy, serving as a bridge between your scientific community and also the public.
  • Empower individuals to make thoughtful choices concerning the future.

Statement of Ethics

It's recognized that people take advantage of a higher amount of public trust. To keep that confidence, we have to act with integrity, discretion, intellectual honesty, experience and appropriate transparency. It's within our Statement of Ethics we plan to communicate a much better knowledge of our mission and dictate fundamental ethical duties for NHMU staff, volunteers along with other partners.

NHMU &lifier Evolution

NHMU is definitely an institution of science. As a result, we accept the idea of evolution, the unifying idea of all biological sciences. While there remains ongoing and lively debate concerning the processes of transformative change—that is, how evolution occurs—the overwhelming most of biologists fully endorse the concept that all microorganisms on the planet share a typical ancestry which life's unfolding has placed vast amounts of many years of time. Like gravity, evolution is among the cornerstones of contemporary science, also it signifies among the key styles in our institutional mission.

Sustainability - Leading by Example

"Meeting the requirements of the current without compromising ale future decades to satisfy their very own needs." -Bruntland Commission, Un, 1987

Natural History Museum of Utah researchers read the past to know pattern and process, with the fact that this understanding supplies a grounds for individuals to make informed choices affecting the long run. The philosophy of sustainability is really a fundamental framework for evaluating such options. The Museum provides possibilities for college students and site visitors to higher understand their interactions using the natural world and supply a framework for individual and community decision-making. We desire to lead by example—demonstrating the stability of sustainable options within our new building as well as in our procedures.

Claims on Divesting from Non-renewable Fuels

From Dr. Sarah George, Director from the Natural History Museum of Utah:

Natural History Museum of Utah may be the condition museum of natural history the College of Utah is our parent organization. The College has management responsibility for and sole authority over our investment portfolio, which belongs to the University’s portfolio. The College of Utah’s Academic Senate has produced two committees to deal with the important and sophisticated problem of portfolio divestment from non-renewable fuels, and related questions. We deeply respect the thoughtful process that's been established through the Senate and fully offer the effort of those committees.

Statement of Amy Wildermuth, Chief Sustainability Officer for that College of Utah on Responsible Investment from the University’s Endowment:

With respect to the college, we appreciate individuals who've expressed an enthusiastic curiosity about responsible investment. This subject boosts important questions so we understand the chance to have fun playing the dialogue.

The College of Utah’s Academic Senate, the regulating body for that college, continues to be focusing on the problem of responsible investment for quite some time. Like other institutions, we've discovered that it's a complicated matter. Using the help of our terrific faculty, the Senate has requested two committees to operate together to look at how endowment investment choices may be made in conjuction with the University’s and Museum’s historical and ongoing dedication to sustainability. We predict the committees to create a number of recommendations through the finish of the academic year which will then move ahead towards the Academic Senate for more action.
We are a regional research center. Our research and scholarship contributions will expand:
  • more faculty curators including creating endowed chairs
  • more grants or loans and guides,
  • development of area research, including establishment of the fieldwork endowment and also the development of our Range Creek Research Station,
  • having a particular concentrate on collaborative and interdisciplinary science, and
  • research results is going to be conveyed towards the largest possible public.
We are a high regional destination according to the standard from the customer experience:
  • continue to purchase the press experience for site visitors, in-gallery an internet-based,
  • regularly assess the standard of interpretation, upgrading content, and stay alongside of new technological developments,
  • create public curiosity about science and communicate its excitement and pertinence through temporary exhibits, within our permanent art galleries and thru public and college programs, and
  • present an authentic Utah knowledge about an emphasis on human interaction within the art galleries.
National Museum of Natural History Rizal Park Luneta Manila
National Museum of Natural History Rizal Park Luneta Manila
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National History Museum
National History Museum
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