Catholic Church Park City Utah

September 27, 2015

St. Lawrence Chapel 5 South 100 West, Heber City, Utah, 84032


Established on June 11, 1967, St. Lawrence serves the Catholic community of Wasatch County. It's located within the old Mormon Ward House of downtown Heber, an historic structure next to the city hall and park. The city is small but growing. Nearby is St. Lawrence Thrift Store, well known because of its excellent choice of used clothing, furniture and memorabilia open on Wednesday through Saturdays.

Mass Occasions

Sunday 8:45a.m. - The spanish language

11:15a.m. - British

Mission Council Nominations are now being recognized. Should you, or somebody, worry about the way forward for Saint Lawrence, please take part in Mission Council. Needs will be to attend (mostly) monthly conferences every third Tuesday, 6-7 pm. and it is a 3 year term. You will find five positions available. Contact work or complete a nomination form behind chapel.

Mission Statement

We, the folks of St. Lawrence Mission, really are a small but growing Catholic community serving Heber City and it is surrounding towns. We call ourselves to conversion of heart that people might better announce to any or all what's promising of Jesus, who died that people might live. U . s . in Eucharist and something in belief, we aim to better educate and form ourselves to more fully live our Catholic identity and tell our kids. We call ourselves to become a community of affection where each one is welcome, where all may become involved. We're an assorted community. We call ourselves to deep respect for that languages, cultures, traditions and histories in our midst, so we unite inside us the richness from the common human experience they represent. Thus fashioned and created, we aim to serve and serve each other and also to our bigger community, taking care of individuals in need of assistance.

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