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July 23, 2015
Soft shell crab roll

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Park City is better noted for skiing, not sushi. However, that could soon change. Two best contemporary Asian restaurants I’ve ever set feet in are situated in Utah’s glitzy ski town. The first is new another has existed some time. Both of them are really worth an trip to fit City.

The brand new kid on the market is Sushi Blue (1571 W. Redstone Center Drive, Park City, 435-575-4272,, Bill White’s latest eatery. It’s situated in Kimball Junction’s Redstone Center, within the space that accustomed to house Hapa Grill. As with all Bill Whitened restaurant (Grappa, Chimayo, Wahso, Windy Ridge, Ghidotti’s), Sushi Blue is, first of all, eye chocolate. Within the primary dining area, there's elevated tatami seating for that adventurous, together with regular tables for lazier clients much like me. Towards the rear from the restaurant is really a lounge/bar area and sushi bar, the second which has a tendency to end up with busy at night. Throughout, Bill White’s famous focus on detail and décor is superbly evidenced, in the dish plates and chopsticks towards the wall hangings and lighting.

The eclectic, pan-Asian menu varies from sushi and sashimi to Korean street tacos, Thai beef salad, bánh mì sandwiches, American hamburgers as well as all-beef Kobe hotdogs. The best option in the small-plate menu may be the crab-cake slider duo ($10.95): two very tasty petite crab cakes on cute little toasted buns with sliced avocado, balsamic caramelized red-colored onion, poblano chile all kinds of peppers along with a tasty ponzu-citrus mayonnaise. We devoured ours. Obviously, where would we do without pork belly on today’s contemporary restaurant menus? It’s 2010 sausage. And thus, there’s seared pork belly at Sushi Blue, offered having a fresh salad, fennel soubise and shichimi spices or herbs ($11.95).

If you are eating sushi, make sure to request concerning the off-menu special offers. On the recent evening, i was very happy to discover, additionally towards the normal menu products, Sushi Blue seemed to be offering fresh kanpachi, uni, sanma, gindara, suzuki, aji and sake hama. Most nigiri at Sushi Blue applies to $6.95 (two pieces), and sashimi is usually listed at $15.95, although there's some variation. The aji (equine spanish mackerel from Japan) nigiri was perfect—generous bits of raw seafood perched atop the perfect quantity of grain. Whereas a lot of sushi restaurants today appear to become mostly concerning the grain, I understand the less-is-more approach at Sushi Blue, in which the focus is around the greatest-quality seafood.

Additionally to plain maki comes such as the spider roll, Philadelphia roll and caterpillar roll, you will find cleverly named Blue comes, all using celebrity names. For instance, there’s the Kimchi Kardashian, Tuna Turner, Fish L. Jackson and Mike Thai Boy. The second is definitely an interesting mixture of complex tastes there is a lot happening within the Mike Thai Boy ($15.95), that is basically a spicy tuna roll, however with tulsi and red-colored pepper, capped with hamachi, chopped peanuts, lime and Thai coconut curry. There's sweetness in the coconut curry and spiciness in the tuna. Overall, a really unusual roll, although not one I’d most likely order again.

Throughout a lunch at Sushi Blue, I loved the simplicity the niku udon ($11.95). It’s a large bowl of wealthy-tasting housemade soup broth loaded with thick udon noodles, scallions and thin slices of seared rib eye. Perfect. I additionally loved an entree of seared ocean scallops ($22.95) with baby bok choy and edamame fried grain, with the exception that the rice—which I’d would rather be dry—was swimming within the coconut yellow curry that flavored the scallops.

Like Sushi Blue, Yuki Arashi (586 Primary, Park City, 435-649-6293, continues to be open about five years—is a feast for that senses, such as the eyes. There's tatami seating within the rear, a beautiful contemporary waterfall on a single wall, beautiful lighting along with a soothing mixture of stone and wood décor. And, like Sushi Blue, restaurateur Soo Chyung’s Yuki Arashi (meaning “snowstorm”) is all about greater than just sushi, with Korean tastes improving Japanese ones. Kimchi miso ($6.95), for instance, is really a hot-and-sour-flavored shiro miso broth with kimchi and grain. Another really good starter is definitely an order of sashimi tacos ($12.95): three sashimi-capped corn tortillas with accoutrements like shredded cabbage, apple chimichurri, pickled jalapeño, carrot and radish, and rained having a jalapeño dressing and black-lava ocean salt.

One of the most eye-popping and taste-bud-pleasing dishes I’ve experienced is Yuki Arashi’s Wagyu beef tataki ($22.95). In Japanese, tataki means “pound.” Bite-size medallions of Wagyu beef are pounded thin and introduced towards the table raw, to become cooked on the Himalayan ocean-salt block that’s heated to around 425 levels Fahrenheit. The client sizzles the meat around the hot rock, supported with lemon-soy and cilantro-red-colored-pepper sinking sauces. The meat is really tasty and tender it’s nearly unnecessary to munch it. Phenomenal.

Hot dishes like jalapeño and chocolate teriyaki-glazed baby back ribs ($14.95) or even the miso-marinated and broiled sablefish ($18.95) are merely wonderful, out of the box the sushi. A stunningly scrumptious roll from sushi chef Paul Velo may be the snow-shed roll ($17.95). It’s a surge of flavors—made with gobo (burdock root), cucumber, kaiware (daikon) sprouts and spicy tuna, capped with nearly translucent bits of raw escolar, each bit garnished having a single drop of Sriracha. Wow.

Well, I’ve focused here on two excellent eateries. But, I’d be remiss basically didn’t a minimum of mention Park City’s other superb sushi spots: Ahh Sushi, Blind Dog Restaurant &lifier Sushi Bar, Flying Sumo Sushi &lifier Grill, Lespri Prime Steak Sushi Bar, Oishi Sushi &lifier Grill, Shabu, Shoyu Sushi House &lifier Japanese Kitchen and Yama Sushi. There is a virtual avalanche of Asian tastes within this little ski town.

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