Southern Utah National Parks

July 14, 2017
Sightseeing in Southern

There are more than 2, 000 rock arches in Arches National Park.You will find greater than 2Thousand rock archways in Archways Park. (Photo: archways park image by peejay from )

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Utah has more nature than every other condition except Alaska and California. Utah's five nature have been in southeast the condition, stretching from east to west. Highlighting rugged terrain created countless years back, Utah's nature offer probably the most unique and colorful geography in the world, including rock bridges and archways, amphitheaters full of spires and hoodos, and deep slot canyons running for miles.


Utah's nature are Archways, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Zion. Are all defined usually by its geography. Bryce Canyon sits in the northernmost area of the Grand Staircase, which stretches towards the Grand Canyon. Archways hosts 1000's of sandstone archways Capitol Reef is determined through the 100-mile Waterfold Pocket Canyonlands hosts miles of river canyons, mesas and buttes and Zion is renowned for its slot canyons and brilliant red-colored rock faces and peaks.


All Utah's nature offer excellent sightseeing possibilities by vehicle, feet or horseback. 5 nature are recognized for the best hiking and backpacking possibilities within the condition, possibly the nation. Actually, four from the top ten trails on's "Best Hiking in Utah" list have been in the nation's parks. Some top hikes range from the Narrows and Angel's Landing in Zion and Delicate Arch in Archways. Other popular activities within the parks include canyoneering in Zion, rafting on Utah's Cataract Canyon, which starts around the calm waters flowing through Canyonlands, and snowshoeing in Bryce Canyon. Camping can be obtained in most five parks.

Multipark Tours

While any one of Utah's nature offers enough open space, intriguing scenery and outside activities for any full vacation, the closeness from the five parks means they are well suited for multi-park tours. The Grand Circle is really a seven-park tour which includes all five of Utah's nature, plus Mesa Verde Park in Colorado and Grand Canyon Park. Utah's travel industry website suggests two days with this extensive journey. Tour companies offer Grand Circle outings. For individuals that desire to get even nearer to character, the 800-mile Hayduke Trail connects all Utah's nature, Grand Canyon Park and many other public lands.

Plein Air Painting in Southern Utah & Zion National Park
Plein Air Painting in Southern Utah & Zion National Park
Zion National Park Southern Utah USA
Zion National Park Southern Utah USA
Southern Utah - Zion National Park
Southern Utah - Zion National Park
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