Subway Zion National Park Utah

March 10, 2015
The Subway, Zion National
Canyoneers downclimb into a pool and then swim under the bowling ball.
Rating 3B III
Season Summer time or fall
six to twelve hrs
Longest Rappel
30 ft (10 m)
Requires vehicle place, taxi or short hitchhike.
Permit Needed?
YES, and permits are challenging.
Zion Backwoods Desk: 435-772-0170
Zion EMERGENCY: 435-772-3322
Necessities Headgear, rappelling gear, webbing and rapid links.
Cold Water
Wetsuits or drysuits in most however the most popular weather. Drybags for the gear.
yellow_starH2o The canyon's pools are springfed, so reasonable water can be obtained to filter once within the canyon but many people bring enough for the whole trip.
Expensive Ton Risk
Moderate – You will find merely a couple of parts of sustained narrows.
Abilities Needed
The Subway is really a strenuous and significant back country hike with rappels and swims. Good navigational abilities along with a map are needed - straying off in to the harder terrain on each side from the approach trail, or missing the exit trail, is hazardous. You will find three short drops that many individuals will desire a rope for. Folks ought to know how to rappel, and just how to setup and employ conspicuous anchors. For that swims, you'll need drybags for the gear, and when it's not stinking hot out, you may want a diving suit.
All rappels are bolted (by Fall 2012)

Lots of people tackle the 3 short rappels within the Subway via handlining, instead of actual rappelling. I'm not a large fan of the. Possibly I've an excessively-vivid imagination, but handlining will go wrong very rapidly. Not everyone is sufficiently strong to understand a rope and control their descent lower these short but steep drops. However, there's a powerful tradition of handlining within the Subway. If you opt to handline, choose your anchors and type of descent carefully - not every anchors in position are appropriate for handlining as some were established as rappel anchors.

Periodic Changes

Summer time - In warm weather, The Subway could be loved with no diving suit for basically the skinniest. An earlier start (trailhead at 8 am) allows the sunny method of be completed before it might be sweltering. The hike out may also be hot, and going for a siesta in the finish from the Subway part is frequently advisable.

Fall - In cooler weather, wetsuits increase the enjoyment from the Subway. Zion has short days at the end of fall, which frequently means beginning or ending by headlamp. AWESOME with red-colored leaves floating within the water.

Winter - If obvious of snow, The Subway Could be a reasonable venture. Plenty of headlamp hiking isn't surprising. With snow, the street shuts at the bottom of Mahoney Hill, adding a minimum of forty-five minutes towards the approach. The path can be challenging to follow along with if hidden by snow. Ice and snow within the canyon could make downstream travel difficult or impossible! The red-colored ledges at the end from the Subway could be foundations of ice needing crampons.

Slickrock approach to The Subway, Zion National Park. Photo of the slickrock pass with a diagram drawn depicting the routes for Das Boot, Russell Gulch and the Subway. sub06 sub18
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Zion Subway.mpg
Khám Phá The Subway, Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Khám Phá The Subway, Zion National Park, Utah, USA
The Subway | Zions National Park | Utah
The Subway | Zions National Park | Utah ★★★★★
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