Best hiking trails in Zion National Park

December 22, 2014
Angel s Landing Zion National

Canyon Overlook Trail (15 Best Hikes in Zion National Park Utah).Zion Park is excellent they are driving through. You will find a lot of pull offs with short, easy hikes for the entire family. We’re not hardcore walkers, and our level of fitness is average, but we’re gradually getting our ft wet with backpacking. We like that Zion is another good way to locate longer strenuous hikes, multi-day backpacking outings, and hosts legendary hikes such as the Zion Narrows, the Subway, and Angels Landing!

Just in case you aren't sure list of positive actions throughout your vacation there, we’ve listed the very best of Zion Park hikes from simple to difficult.


Distance: 1 Mile
Time: < one hour

This trail leads you to definitely among the best photography spots around the block! The trailhead is close to the East entrance right before the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. Following a short hike up in the street, you decide to go via a large natural cave, and therefore are compensated by having an remarkable look at Zion Canyon below.

2. Emerald Pools Trail

Distance: 1.2-3 Miles
Time: 1-3 Hrs

This assortment of trails provides you with a couple of different choices, with spectacular sights of greenery, Pools, and waterfalls. The Low and Middles Pools could be arrived at in the same trailhead, as the Upper Pool includes a different beginning point. This trail also enables you to definitely walk within waterfall.

3. Riverside Walk

Distance: 2 Miles
Time: 1-2 Hrs

Also called the Gateway towards the Narrows, this can be a paved path that can take you against the Temple of Sinawava towards the Virgin River. After that you can benefit from the entrance from the Narrows as well as wade around within the river prior to making the right path back.

Emerald Pools Trail (15 Best Hikes in Zion National Park).4. Watchman Trail

Distance: 3 Miles
Time: 1-3 Hrs

This trail is frequently overlooked by site visitors but provides an amazing look at the valley. Even though it doesn’t really climb the levels from the Watchman itself, it’s an excellent summary of the good thing about the park.

5. Weeping Rock

Distance: .4 Miles
Time: < one hour

This short stroll goes towards the popular wall the place to find trickling streams water and hanging gardens of fern and moss. It isn't the most popular “hike” in Zion, however it goes to probably the most legendary areas of the park. The way is narrow same with not suggested for electric wheelchairs or baby strollers.


Distance: 5 Miles
Time: 2-4 Hrs

Among the legendary hikes in Zion Park, Angels Landing isn't for that average person (or anybody with anxiety when levels). You will find even servings of the way that provide chains to assist steady yourself while you navigate the spend drop offs on sides. The sights at the very top are really stunning!

7. Observation Point

Distance: 8 Miles
Time: 4-6 Hrs

Observation Point is really a Zion classic providing you with glimpses of Echo Canyon and rewarding you by having an amazing look at the park. This 8-mile round trip hike includes a greater than 2, 100 ft elevation gain. The sharp ridge the thing is within the center is Angel’s Landing.

8. Kolob Arch

Riverside Walk (15 Best Zion National Park Hikes).Distance: 14 Miles
Time: Full Day

Kolob Arch may be the second longest arch on the planet, although a lot of still reason that it’s bigger than Landscape Arch. You are able to achieve the arch from Kolob Canyons Road at Lee Pass or in the Hop Valley Trailhead, but both of them are 7-mile treks.

9. The Subway (Bottom-Up)

Distance: 4 Miles
Time: Half Day

The subway is really a gorge that appears just like a subway tunnel. Even though the bottom-up hike doesn’t require any rappels or swims, you need to do still hike in water and want a permit for that hike. For walkers who're more technical, the Head to feet hike is spectacular too!

Distance: 3-8 Miles
Time: 2-6 Hrs

This hike is ideal for a warm summer time day. You are able to go as far in the river as you would like before you decide to change, but come up with it to the most legendary portion known as Wall Street. The sales brochure states that one is careful and moderate, however in our thoughts, sometimes it’s simpler to climb stairs for hrs than tread through water for hrs. You can observe our 2-day backpacking guide here.

11. The Barracks

Distance: 20 Miles
Time: 2-three days

The Virgin River has two primary forks. Its Northern Border Fork is most visited due to The Narrows, however the East Fork offers equally beautiful canyons in a lot more solitude. You will find also a lot of side canyons to understand more about while you hike with the Parunaweap Canyon. Nearly all this hike really lies outdoors of Zion in the neighboring BLM.

12. La Verkin Creek Trail

Distance: 11 Miles
Time: a couple of days

Many people make use of this trail to go to Kolob Arch, but make time to soak in most the wonder making it a weekend trip. The camping locations across the trail are really wonderful and add yet another 5 miles round trip hike to Beartrap Canyon falls.

13. The Trans-Zion Trek

Distance: 48 Miles
Time: 3-five days

This hike goes through several trails around the block getting you against the corner of Zion to another. You'll need to be certain to obtain all of the appropriate permits, however, you it’s worthwhile because you will see servings of the park that many people don’t get the opportunity to see.

14. West Rim Trail

Distance: 16-18 Miles
Time: a couple of days

Beginning off at Lava Point, this trail has the best sights you'll find, including canyons, springs, trees, and flowers. And you may add-on a side visit to Angels Landing too!

Distance: 16 Miles
Time: a couple of days

Even though you technically can perform the hike all per day, spending time to camping midway through is really spectacular. The hike needs a permit and you're in water for any large area of the hike. Take a look at our help guide to this hike for additional particulars.

Watchman Trail (15 Best Hikes in Zion National Park Utah). Weeping Rock (15 Best Hikes in Zion National Park Utah). Angels Landing Hike (15 Best Hikes in Zion National Park). Observation Point (15 Best Hikes in Zion National Park).
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