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January 15, 2017
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On Saturday, This summer 12 at roughly 11:30 pm, Zion Dispatch received a phone call in regards to a canyoneerer going for a 100-feet not-roped fall in Heaps Canyon. Rangers started creating a plan for an additional morning and asked for a helicopter from Grand Canyon to help.

On Wednesday, This summer 8 at 10:30 am, Zion Dispatch received a study of the 57-year-old male who fell within the Narrows and experienced a leg injuries and it was not able to maneuver. Throughout the very first save, the SAR team received a study of the second injuries within the Narrows. A 15-year-old girl had fallen striking her mind.

A lady having a calf injuries, not able to deal with wight around the injuries, was reported within the Narrows on This summer 5. Her location involved 6 miles in the trailhead in the Temple of Sinawava. A team as well as an EMT were submitted to discover and spend the evening using the patient while a float/carryout team was organized for the following morning.

On Wednesday This summer 1, 2015, Zion Dispatch received an invisible call that the 44-year-old guy had experienced an ankle injuries. He couldn't bear weight around the hurt ankle and needed assistance.

On June 27, 2015 there have been several requires assistance in Zion Canyon. There have been three reviews within the Narrows and 2 around the trail to Observation Point. Temps arrived at 108 levels on that day.

On June 23, rangers taken care of immediately two save demands inside a 90 minute span. The very first incident was two lost walkers requiring assistance, another would be a jumping injuries that happened within the Narrows.

Towards the top of the ultimate descent chute over the Russell Gulch/Left Fork junction, a 53-year-old guy leaped off a rock that was about two ft over the surrounding terrain and experienced a lesser leg injuries.

On May 3, 2015 at approximately 14:00 hrs, a charge ranger at Tunnel East reported to Zion dispatch that there is an hurt party in Pine Creek Canyon asking for assistance. Pine Creek is really a technical slot canyon needing wet suits and multiple rappels.

In a single week, two canyoneering groups needed assistance simply because they joined the incorrect canyon.

Preventative Search and Save (PSAR) is definitely an make an effort to prevent occurrences from turning out to be accidents through education.

On November 15 2014, several three was rappelling through Pine Creek Canyon. Part of the party leaped off a hurdle about five ft right into a pool water and experienced a substantial calf injuries.

A rock climber, male, age 47, died Sunday mid-day, October 19, 2014, after falling in Zion Park.

On the length of 10 mins around the mid-day of October tenth, Zion NP received reviews of two site visitors needing evacuation by way of technical rope rescues from two separate locations.

Following a large ton, your body of the 34-year-old male walker was discovered by park rangers within the Narrows in Zion Park.

On Wednesday, This summer 16, Zion Search and Save labored to achieve an hurt walker in Imlay Canyon and produce him to safety for medical assistance.

Two patients were rafted from the Narrows because of two different occurrences on Memorial Day.

On May 11, a 23-year-old female fell about 10 ft while climbing up a hurdle in Hidden Canyon.

On Saturday April 19, park rangers taken care of immediately four separate occurrences within the length of 1 hour. The following day, rangers taken care of immediately an urgent situation within the Kolob Canyons part of the park.

Around the morning of March 23, Sean Leary, a properly-known and accomplished climber and BASE jumper, was reported missing by his wife after neglecting to go back home to California from a visit to the park.

On Tuesday, March eleventh, Zion dispatch received a study of the hurt canyoneer in Jolley Gulch across the park’s eastern boundary.

Several eight cyclists tried to unlawfully bicycle with the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. Two cyclists hit the tunnel wall and crashed.

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Zion National Park (U.S. National Park Service) bus ride
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