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July 29, 2015
The oldest of Utah s national

tips for hiking in Utah's Zion ParkUtah's Zion Park is wealthy ever, a land once centered by dinosaurs and lived on by ancient natives and pioneers. The peaks and valleys themselves were created by glaciers, abandoning fascinating archways and rock formations, meaning Zion Park can provide walkers and mountain motorcyclists adventures which are just as challenging because the are scenic. The 2014 Pure Adventures tours in Utah tackle the best trails around the block, covering greater than 20 miles throughout Zion's breathtaking canyons. But Zion is known for not only their trails - here's 6 wonderful things about Pure Adventures' latest destination.

1. Nearly 1Thousand plant species

You will find greater than 900 types of plants in Zion Park. Altering elevations, conditions, and different levels of sun and water create diverse habitats inside the park.

Source: Zion Nature Service via Flickr

2. Super-adaptive animals

You will find 68 different types of animals in Zion Park, varying from small nocturnal rats towards the massive bighorn sheep. The variety in wildlife is because of the wide selection in habitats, using the elevation and micro-environments affecting how each animal has modified towards the atmosphere.

Source: NPS Photo/Marc Neidig via Flickr

3. Kolab is awesome

At nearly 288 ft lengthy, the Kolob Arch situated within in Zion National Park's back-country is among the world's longest.

Source: NPS Photo/Rendall Seely via Flickr

4. Observation Point

It is a difficult 8 mile hike to Observation Point, the greatest elevation in Zion Park. At 6, 521 ft, Observation Point offers stunning sights from the canyon below. It is a must-see for fit walkers going to Utah.

Source: NPS Photo/Christopher Gezon

5. Dinosaur delights

Zion's fascinating history started countless years back, as apparent within the fossils and dinosaur bones found through the park. Zion National Park's museum collection boast Grallator tracks, bones, teeth, scared wood and fossils. Probably the most fascinating exhibit is known as the Mystery Tooth, which paleontologists lately discovered belonged to some human - until that time they thought belonged to some plant-eating dinosaur.

Source: NPS

6. Picture Perfect Scenery

Zion Park has offered like a backdrop for a large number of films and television shows, most particularly Romancing the Stone starring Michael Douglas, The Eiger Sanction starring Clint Eastwood and Butch Cassidy and also the Sundance Kid starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
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