Temperatures in Zion National Park

April 23, 2014
Grand Canyon National Park

The greatest reason for Zion Park may be the summit of Equine Ranch Mountain (8726 ft), that is situated north of Kolob Finger Canyons. The cheapest point is near South Campground (about 3900 ft above ocean level). Thus, improvement in elevation between your greatest and cheapest points (relief) in Zion is slightly over 4800 ft.

Here, weather zones, based on elevation, affect weathering and erosion along with the distribution of plant and animal existence. Within the high desert (Upper Sonoran) zone from the canyons (3500 to 5000 ft), summer season are hot and dry, and winters are mild. Around the canyon rims (5500 to 7500 ft) within the Transition zone, snow may last all winter, and summer time temps tend to be more moderate. Around the greater areas of the plateau (around 8000 ft), within the Montane (Canadian) zone, fir and aspen flourish because of elevated moisture and cooler winters.

Zone limitations aren't dramatically defined. Wet seasons are typically in springtime and late summer time. The majority of the hunting from the canyons is carried out by spring surges or by expensive surges throughout intense summer time storms.Temps from May to October vary from 70 to 105 levels F. days 45 to 75 during the night. Winters could be mild with daytime temps frequently reaching 40 levels F. Fall and spring are great occasions to go to the park when temps vary from 45 levels F. during the night to 80 levels F. throughout your day.

Map from the Park

Getting There

  • Kolobs Canyon Entrance is eighteen miles south of Cedar plank City, Utah, on I-15 (exit 40).
  • The East Entrance is on Utah Route 9, 20 miles east of Mt. Carmel Junction at U.S. Route 89.
  • The South Entrance is on Utah Route 9 about 60 miles south from Cedar plank City via I-15 and Utah Route 17.

Zion Park
Springdale, UT
Vistor information 435-772-3256

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The sandstone at Archways Park provides the palette for sensational desert vistas and archways, causeing this to be park unique. Character has utilized wind, rain and ice to carve fantastic desert vistas and archways. Join the DesertUSA team on the tour of a few of the incredibly beautiful natural features at Archways Park.

Canyonlands Park, situated within the Colorado Plateau region, is really a showcase of geology. Rivers divide the park into three districts, the area on the horizon, the Needles, and also the Maze. While these areas share a primitive desert atmosphere, each exhibits a unique character, while offering different possibilities for exploration.

As Titus Canyon Road in Dying Valley reaches the foothills, it begins to climb and meander one of the sagebrush and red-colored rock outcroppings. The street becomes steeper and narrower because it approaches Red-colored Pass, nicely named because of its red-colored rocks and grime. Benefit from the ride!


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