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July 8, 2015
Zion Canyon Campground

Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 15.5 miles

Duration: Multiple days

Overview: The Narrows is perhaps the most famous hike in Zion National Park. Most visitors take the day hike starting at the Temple of Sinawava,

A more adventurous option is to take a shuttle to Chamberlain Ranch and walk 15.5 miles through the entire Narrows. This hike requires a Zion backcountry permit, which is available at https://zionpermits.nps.gov/index.cfm?. You can arrange your own shuttle or pay for a shuttle from a company in Springdale. One company that offers shuttle services is

There are 12 campsites in the Narrows. Sites 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12 can be reserved online approximately 3 months in advance or through the park's lottery system. The rest of the sites may be reserved at the visitor center 1 day before the trip.

Another option is to hike the entire 15.5 miles in a single day. This 12-hour-plus trip also requires a backcountry permit.

Starting from the trailhead at Chamberlain Ranch, the first several miles of the hike are very easy, and you stay completely dry.

After about 3 miles, the steam banks start rising on either side of the river to form short canyon walls. From this point, you'll have to cross the stream several times and walk in the stream for portions.

After about 6 or 7 miles, there is a 12-foot waterfall. An easy trail around the waterfall is found to the left (south) of the waterfall.

After about 8 miles, Deep Creek joins the North Fork of the Virgin River on the right, and the water volume more than doubles. This marks the half-way point in terms of distance but not for time.

3/4 mile after Goose Creek, Big Springs will be on your right. No camping is allowed in the last 4.5 miles between Big Springs and the Temple of Sinawava. This section of the Narrows has the deepest water and the tallest canyon walls.

Tips: Permits:
You will need a Zion backcountry permit for this trip.
A total of 40 people can do the narrows each day. There are 24 spaces

The water is cold, so plan your trip for a warm/hot day. The park will not let you in the Narrows if there has been rain or there is a forecast for rain, so plan some backup activities just in case.

Entrance to the park - $25
Backcountry reservation fee - $5 (optional)
Permit for 1-2 people - $10
Permit for 3-7 people - $15
Permit for 8-12 people - $20
Camping in Watchman Campground (optional):
Electric campsites - $18/night
Riverside electric campsites - $20/night
Tent Only campsites - $16/night
If you're on a budget, there is some free camping just outside the park at 37°10'15.64"N, 113° 4'54.32"W.

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